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Automatically Restart AIX Printers

I have an issue with printers in AIX especially if the the network connection isn’t 100% reliable or if the users tend to turn the printers off frequently. One of my customers is a emergency first responder organization so they need to be up and running as close to 100% as possible and printing is an important piece of their workflow. I created this script a lot of years ago and needed to reuse it this morning for them. It simply checks all the printers for ‘DOWN’ status and restarts them. I scheduled it in cron to execute every 5 minutes and everyone is happy.


while (enq -AW | grep DOWN | grep -v HOST)
enq -U -P enq -AW | grep DOWN | grep -v HOST | awk {'print $1$2'} | awk 'NR<span class="kwrd">&gt;</span>1{exit};1' | sed <a>'s/@/:@/'